Hi! I’m Brittany…

I was raised along the central coast of California, in the suburbs of San Jose. When I was 16, my great uncle loaned me his old film camera and my dad put together a dark room in the shed out back. I spent the next two years forcing my friends to pose for awkward portraits, and developing black and white 8x10’s of my dog. As captivating as that was, when I left for college, I focused my attention on environmental science.

The next time I picked up a dslr camera would be roughly 12 years later while working as a botanist for the National Park Service in the Ozarks. My days were spent walking through the woods, identifying and measuring trees through their various stages of growth, and one winter day (and everyday thereafter for the next six months) I brought an old camera into the field to capture the progression of trees as they transitioned through the seasons. That winter fertilized that old seed, and three years later, I left my job consulting on riparian habitats, to work as a freelance photographer.

I continue to be passionate about the natural world in all its expressions, and am drawn to photograph the environment and the ways we interact with it. Through my work, I hope to contribute to the conversation around the outdoors, conservation, and stewardship — and, more broadly speaking, our connection to this world and each other.

I’ve settled in Santa Cruz, California, nestled in a landscape that draws me out to explore; I hope to bump into you out there someday!